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The searchbar shows information from DuckDuckGo, including Wikipedia entries, a calculator, programming documentation, and more.

Every page you visit is automatically saved, so you can search the contents of pages as well as the title.


       Import your bookmarks from another browser


Tasks let you split your tabs into groups, letting you keep the ones you want to look at visible while hiding others in the background.

Ad and tracker blocking

Min blocks third-party ads and trackers automatically. To block everything (including first-party ads), or to disable content blocking completely, go to Min > PreferencesEdit > Preferences. You can also choose to block images and Javascript, if you are on a limited internet connection.

Reader Mode

Click the icon in a tab to format an article and make it easier to read. Reader mode removes advertisements and trackers, makes pages load faster, and removes distracting page content.

Min also lets you automatically open articles from any site in reader view. Either select "yes" on the banner at the top of the page, or click on the icon at the top-right.

Tips and Tricks

Focus Mode

Focus mode stops you from opening new tabs or tasks, letting you avoid distractions. Turn on focus mode in the View menu > Focus Mode.

Browser Actions

Browser actions let you quickly control the browser from the searchbar. Type "!" in the searchbar, and then type an action. You can view a list of available browser actions here, or create your own custom actions.

Dark Mode

Enable dark mode from the preferences page to turn the browser dark, making it easier to see at night.

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